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Local Sustainability Planning Tool

What is it?

SB 375 requires SCAG to provide the public with the information and tools necessary to provide a clear understanding of the issues and policy choices the region has in developing the SCS. This is accomplished by conducting public workshops structured to allow discussion and dissemination of information about SB 375 and the various policy choices relevant to the development of an SCS. At these workshops, an urban simulation computer modeling tool will be used to create visual representations of the SCS.

SCAG has developed the Local Sustainability Planning Tool to provide a sketch planning tool local jurisdictions and members of the public can utilize to analyze the impact of different land use scenarios on vehicle ownership, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), mode-use, and their associated effects on GHG emissions.

Utilizing the LSPT

If you are interested in utilizing the LSPT, or have further questions, please contact JungA Uhm at or at (213) 236-1939.

Please note utilizing the LSPT requires ArcGIS desktop software version 9.3 or greater. SCAG understands this version of ArcGIS may not be readily available; thus, we have established access to the tool via the internet through our Citrix remote server. Please contact JungA Uhm for further detail and to register.